Oh, my. So, I had planned on making the first video this weekend answering the questions that you all sent in back in June and early this month. Unfortunately, I have been pretty sick (I still am), and trust me, my face is the last thing you’d like to see on your screens right now. Instead of making you wait any longer, I thought I’d kill two birds with one stone by posting a few of the questions and answering them on my very neglected website. Please don’t get upset if your question is not here, I will be answering more (hopefully in video- if I’m better enough) and make sure I get through all of them.  Thank you to everyone who sent in their questions😀😀


1. What book was the most difficult to write?

That would be All That Matters from the Broken series, hands down. Not only does the storyline deal with very sensitive issues, but I was also writing a piece of myself. For those who have read All That Matters  know that I have included my own personal story in the back of the book. My idea behind writing All That Matters was not because I wanted to shock my readers but instead reach out to anyone who maybe finding it hard with their own personal struggles. I wanted them to know that they are not alone.

2. What inspired you to write?

I have always been a creative person. I did Art and took Drama throughout school, but I never thought to write, let alone an entire book, until one day, a few years back, while I was talking to a friend about these dreams I was having. She suggested I start writing them down, and so I did. There was one (I am yet to publish) that I couldn’t stop writing about so I traded my pen for the laptop and began typing away. Suddenly, there was this complete story sitting in front of me, and because I enjoyed the process so much, I put it aside and started writing another.

3. How do you manage a good work/life/writing balance?

With great difficulty…  For those who know me personally know I’m not one to want to miss out on anything, and if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you know that I’m anywhere BUT the writing cave. But writing is one of the things I love, and you always make time for the things you love.

4. Have you got anything planned for after Hawke and Annabelle’s book and the Black Heart series?

Short answer, yes.

The Black Heart series has one more book to go (woo!) which I am currently working on and will be out late August. There are a few more books planned for the Broken series after Hawke and Annabelle’s, however, after finishing the Black Heart series, I will be taking a short (very short) break before diving into H and A’s. August happens to be my birthday month and  I also have a new little venture I want to get started on. I will be sharing everything as soon as I can on this.😀

5. Do you write a story from start to finish, have it all planned out, or wing it?

I’m an all over the place kinda person. It’s very rare that I’m able to write something from start to finish. I tend to write whatever scene comes into my head and then eventually fill in the gaps in the end. I also have to plan everything, because as much as I’d like to think my memory is brilliant, I always forget the little things. I have notes written everywhere, in notebooks, scrap pieces of paper, and in Notes on my Mac and phone. This does also mean it takes a little bit of time to try and find everything I have written in the end.

Revenge is Sweeter

Why, hello there, Revenge is Sweeter cover. A big thank you to Debra, from Book Enthusiast Promotions and all the awesome bloggers for sharing the reveal.


RevengeissweeterEcover copy



I was trained to become an ultimate killing machine. But unlike machines, I have no off switch.

 I want revenge and I’m thirsty for blood.

 I will hunt down Ryuu and his organization of assassins one by one in order to quench the thirst. Starting with the man I despise the most: Caleb Spencer.

 Caleb will suffer and die, by my hand, a slow and tortuous death.

 But first, I need to find a way to escape from enemy territory and the many guns pointed at my head.

Sweetly Broken Cover Reveal

I’d like to introduce the Sweetly Broken cover.😀



SweetlyBrokenpaperbackNEW copy




By the one person I trusted.
By the man who raised me as his own.
Who trained me to be the ruthless killer I am today.
Well, it’s time for payback.
I may not remember my past, but I’m going to show Ryuu, and all those responsible, what happens when you double-cross Emery Kane.

Blood will be spilled. Bones will be broken. Their bodies will fall.

 My father created a monster. Perhaps, he should have learned to control me.

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Remember, Sweet Fury is the first book in the Black Heart series and is intended as a quick read. The story unfolds over four books and is a suspense thriller with hints of romance.


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